Sprayway's Commitment

Sprayway continues its longtime commitment to providing quality products that are environmentally preferred give the availability of raw materials and within the limitations of pressurized chemistry. We will continue our industry-leading stewardship of developing new products that strike a balance between high-quality, high-performance products and responsible environmental management.

The core elements of our initiative are:

  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and VOCs – Sprayway continually monitors and improves our formulations to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and VOCs.
  • Driving formulation transformation - We invest in Research & Development to identify more environmentally friendly products.
  • Leveraging World Class Expertise – PLZ Aeroscience and Sprayway are longtime members of industry associations to ensure we are ahead of the curve from an environmental standpoint. These organizations include ISSA/Interclean, Consumer Specialty Products Association CSPA, and the Western Aerosol Information Bureau (WAIB)

Sprayway Sustainability


Empty aerosol containers are as recyclable as other steel cans. Almost 90 percent of aerosol containers are made primarily of steel with a thin coating of tin. The tin is recovered during processing and plastic components are burned during reheating. In today's large-scale recycling facilities, any propellant or product left in cans presents no hazard.


  • The can is made of recyclable steel, the world's most recycled material
  • Our cans are made with 25% to 32% recycled steel, depending on can style
  • The caps and spray tips are recyclable
  • Our shipping box utilizes 37% recycled material
  • Fact: 65% of steel containers are recycled, versus 6% for plastic containers