Marine Care

sea care

Professional Grade Marine Aerosol Products

Sea Glass Plastic Cleaner and Polish
• Non hazardous to aquatic life
• UVA/UVB protectant
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Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser - Marine Line
• Fortified with a natural orange citrus solvent (d-limonene) that cleans and deodorizes most surfaces
• Safe for use on washable, painted surfaces
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QE Contact Cleaner Marine Line
• Prevents corrosion by displacing moisture
• Ideal for applications where lower flash point and higher evaporating solvents may be used
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Heavy Duty Degreaser - Flammable Marine Line
• Non-chlorinated degreaser removes oil and grease from metal parts and surfaces
• For oils, grease, grime on metal
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Heavy Duty Degreaser - Non-flammable - Marine Line
• Removes grease, dirt, oil, tar, grime, adhesive, and resins from Energized Electrical Equipment
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Battery Terminal Cleaner & Protectant Marine Line
• Heavy-duty foam that clings to battery surfaces
• Provides extended contact time and neutralizes acid quickly
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Brake Parts Cleaner - Marine Line
• Flushes away contaminants without disassembling the brake unit
• High pressure spraying, fast evaporating
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Carb & Choke Cleaner Marine Line
• An ultra high volatility formulation that dissolves carburetor deposits and fuel system contaminants
• Helps improve fuel system performance
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White Lightning Marine Line
• Highly-concentrated spray for anything that squeaks, sticks or rusts
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Heavy Duty Moisture Displacer Marine Line
• Loosens nuts and bolts
• Protects faster than traditional products.
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